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Vino Veritas

Dark Comedy

Two Acts

2 women, 2 men

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Licensing information:

On Halloween night, two couples meet at one of their houses for drinks and hors d'oeuvres before planning on heading out to a massive party.  Dressed in their finest costumes (witch, cowboy, doctor, and Queen Elizabeth I), the hostess brings out a bottle of blue wine she picked up in Peru.  Based on an old Inca recipe, the wine supposedly has truth-telling properties and is brewed from the skins of blue dart tree frogs.  Three of the four drink the wine and the conversation begins to take odd turns.  Some of the "truths" are harmless enough, but progressively get darker and more disturbing.  It gradually becomes clear that the marriage of one of the couples is disintegrating due to a lack of truthfulness, and the other marriage is only held together by lies.


“That ‘Vino’ gets so personal and often hits so close to home, is noteworthy in and of itself. It wasn't uncommon to see laughter erupting from one member of the audience, while the person next to them held a hand to their face in embarrassment or shock... challenges real-world beliefs so smartly that it's a wonder anyone had the wherewithal to blink without making a conscious effort. ‘Vino Veritas’ is a potion that everyone should taste.”

-Dexter Leader

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