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Vino Veritas

Directed by: Sarah Knight

Distributed by: Gravitas Ventures

Starring: Carrie Preston, Bernard White,


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 Brian Hutchison, Heather Raffo

Easy Way Out

Directed by: Jeffery T. Schultz

Starring: John Savage, Kate Connor

Just Desserts Film Poster.jpg

Just Desserts

Directed by: Stephanie Stender

Distributed by: Doorstop Productions
Starring: Monica Bell, Amy Stringer,
               Troy Segala, Jordan Warsoff

in the land of fire and ice.jpg

In the Land
of Fire and Ice

On a remote peninsula in western Iceland, an Irish hotelkeeper hides from the world, until a new guest arrives—a high-powered Kuwaiti CEO hiding for reasons of her own.

Directed by: Sarah Knight
Attached: Shohreh Aghdashloo

2016 Athena List Winner


A legend who never was teams up with a legend who might never be in a high-stakes underground street soccer tournament held in the ruins of Detroit.


Directed by: Jeffrey Elmont

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The Malthus Directive

There is only one conspiracy.

This psychological action thrill ride is derived from the theories of the Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus, (1766-1834) who was a British economist best known for his radical views on population control. He staunchly believed and preached about the social benefits of food rationing and strict limits on reproduction--all with the ultimate goal of population control.  Malthus argued that our human hopes for social happiness must be in vain, because population growth will always surpass our ability to provide food and other necessities for the population. If not controlled by what Malthus called "positive checks," the increase in population will lead to famine, disease, and war.

Based on the philosophy of this man, THE MALTHUS DIRECTIVE envisions a world where an artificial intelligence is set into motion to reduce the human population by any means necessary.  Suddenly, the seemingly random slaughter that fills our TV screens and social media--this virus, that mass shooting, this bombing--all fit within a larger pattern.

Our heroine, Ellen Swales, to her horror, finds herself chosen to take part in a very specific mission within THE MALTHUS DIRECTIVE. Her family is taken and she had ten hours to kill six people--and those same six people will be trying to kill her. All of the participants are given the same weapons and instructions--as natural selection is reduced to its most basic and brutal form.

This harrowing, fast-paced drama takes place in real time as seven characters all fight for the same goal--to survive.


password: TMD@19


All Hours Are Midnight

Bad judgment with a previous patient has forced psychiatrist Dr. Meredith Usher to take a job at the Parkview Institute for the Criminally Insane.  She is replacing another psychiatrist, Dr.Gerald Bittaker, who is retiring early thanks to the popularity of his books on serial killers. She takes over Dr. Bittaker's office and patients, and he leaves her with a final warning, that there is one patient that she has to keep imprisoned at Parkview no matter what.

That inmate is Cal Norris.  Although he has never been able to prove it, Dr. Bittaker is convinced that Cal is the Black Creek Killer, a serial killer with an impressive body count, but a count that stopped the day that Cal Norris was put behind bars. Any details not provided by Dr. Bittaker are filled in by Meredith's friend and neighbor, Jasmine Lee, a gum-chewing live wire who does interior design for clubs and bars, but whose hobby and obsession is serial killers.

But when she finally meets Cal Norris face to face, Meredith is faced with a problem--Cal tells her that it's Dr. Bittaker who is the Black Creek Killer, and he makes a very convincing case.

Torn between two very smart and manipulative men, Meredith quickly realizes that one of them is definitely the Black Creek Killer.  And when Cal escapes from Parkview, she knows that her life depends on figuring out who it is.

In an institute for the criminally insane, a new psychiatrist has to figure out who is a notorious serial killer--one of the inmates, or the psychiatrist she is replacing.


The Late Great Henry Boyle

Henry Boyle is a shy, reclusive Professor of Medieval Studies whose life falls apart when his wife divorces him.  At the urging of a colleague who encourages him to “try something different,” Henry begins drinking absinthe and writes a best-selling book which transforms him into a pop-culture celebrity.  As he visibly disintegrates in the public eye, his popularity soars as people anticipate a Van Gogh/Hemingway/Cobain explosion.  He finds an ally in a castle-hunting waitress who helps him realize that his only chance at salvation is to become a nonentity again, but how is that possible in a celebrity-crazed culture?

Selected as a Top Ten Finalist in the Motion Picture Academy's Nicholl Fellowship Competition

A reclusive Professor of Medieval English writes a book which,
to his horror, transforms him into a pop culture celebrity.

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