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Consider the Oyster

Romantic Comedy

Two Acts

3 women, 2 men

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When Gene breaks his leg after proposing to his girlfriend Marisa, he begins to feel some
odd changes. It turns out that the ground up oyster shell the doctors used to help repair
his femur is causing him to slowly transition into a woman, just as oysters change gender
halfway through their lives. Can Gene learn to live his life as a different gender and will
he—or she—be able to find a happily ever after with his fiancée? Consider the Oyster is
a romantic comedy that explores the fluidity of gender and our changeable human nature.


Consider the Oyster is David MacGregor’s terrific new comedy that’s playing at the Purple Rose Theatre…Some smart producers have an off-Broadway 1,000-plus performance hit ahead of them.”

-Peter Filichia’s Diary, Theatermania

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